Created: Wednesday, 06 April 2005 Written by Patriot
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The success of modern capitalism is truly the greatest achievement of Mankind. The dynamism of the free enterprise system has allowed those that embrace it to enjoy amazing prosperity. The vibrant and open economies of the US, Great Britain, and Australia are a testament to the ability of capitalism to allow the best in man to flourish.

And a vital component of the capitalist system is oil.

Recently it seems prices for this important lubricant of the global marketplace have been rising. Is it perhaps a measure of the success of capitalism itself that this is happening, with the new capitalist economies of China and India demanding more of this commodity? Or is it that there maybe other sinister forces at work?
The liberation of Iraq 2 years ago has gone some of the way to secure the oil supplies for the democracies of the world. Imagine if that tyrant Saddam was allowed to remain in power, as some of the whining left would have had it. He could have wrecked the prosperity of the West by using Iraq’s vast oil reserves to manipulate the oil price even higher! This would have struck the free peoples of the world just as much as his programs and desires for WMDs. Along with the bringing of democracy to the grateful Iraqi people, the liberalisation of the moribund state-run Iraqi oil industry is reason enough we should be thankful to those great leaders Bush, Blair and Howard.

However there is another country that has vast oil reserves, that is antagonistic to democracy and freedom, and is also run by dictatorial despots: Iran. Are they trying to sabotage the thriving economies of the countries of Bush, Blair, and Howard by driving oil prices up?

It is well known that they are actively colluding with another tyrannical ruler, Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez, in trying to control the world oil market. It also well known that they at the very least are turning a blind eye to the terrorists attempting to destroy Iraq’s oil industry, and in all probability are actively supporting these insurgents.

The question for the peoples in the free democracies of the West is do they want to allow the unelected mad Mullahs of Tehran to hold them hostage at the petrol pump?

This type of economic blackmail could have a disastrous effect on the economies of all the world, and would be especially hard on those families on Struggle Street, battling to do the best for their children.

The governments of Bush, Blair, and Howard have previously shown that they wouldn’t put up with dictators like Saddam trying to blackmail the international community and I’m sure they won’t allow Tehran the same opportunity. If the mad Mullahs of Tehran continue to drive up oil prices they should be aware that immediate action will be taken against their tyrannical regime.

And, like in Iraq, not only will the freedom loving people of the West be able to continue to have their god-given right to drive their cars, but another people will be freed from the yoke of tyrants.

God Bless,