Created: Thursday, 12 May 2005 Written by Patriot
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The tyrannical Islamo-Fascist Mullahs of Tehran have declared they will resume their nuclear programme which they previously agreed to halt after negotiations with the EU. Not content with their dictatorial reign over the oppressed Iranian people they now want to threaten their region with nuclear war! Thank God we have strong leaders such as President Bush and PMs Howard and Blair in power. With a clear mandate from their people these leaders will ensure that the Mullahs of Tehran will not be allowed to have nuclear weapons.

Hopefully this time the UN will perform its duty correctly and not allow the Iranian despots any way to weasel out of full renunciation of nuclear activities. This is clearly going to be a major test for the world body; it must this time stand on the side of democracy and freedom.

As usual you can expect the anti-American left to once more back Middle Eastern tyrants ahead of their oppressed populations. Expect to hear the customary ranting and raving from the Pilgers, Chomskys and XenoxNews own left-wing demagogue Max Gross. However, like the majority of the freedom loving world has shown, these calls for appeasement have no popular support. They are sure to fall on deaf ears in Canberra, London and Washington

We must steel ourselves for the long fight with these Islamo-fascists. We must remember that we DO have right on our side. And it is only by standing up to tyrants like the Mad Mullahs of Tehran that will enable us to all live in peace.

God Bless