Created: Tuesday, 05 July 2005 Written by Patriot
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HatredLooks like the latte sipping left intelligentsia of the west are at it again. Deriding the forces of democracy and free enterprise, and giving comfort to the Islamofascists who are trying to deprive people in the Arab world of their freedom. For months they have been claiming President Bush has ignored Osama Bin Laden, but when the Free Worlds leader mentioned him in his update on the War on Terror last week they howled him down for “linking” Osama with the war in Iraq.

Well wake up fools! Who is behind most of the terror in Iraq? Who is killing hundreds of innocent Iraqis? Who is gleefully taken responsibility for it? Osama and his evil deputy Zarqawi!

And now it appears there is an even more concrete link between Al Qaeda and the terror in Iraq. Some sources in both the US and Australian governments are now privately suggesting that a new ‘Ho Chi Minh trail’ may have been identified. It runs from Afghanistan to Iraq through Iran, and physically links Osama in Afghanistan to his foot soldiers in Iraq.
The latest upsurge in violence in Afghanistan has provided strong circumstantial evidence for this connection. After keeping quiet over winter, the terrorists in Afghanistan are now using very similar tactics to those used by the terrorists in Iraq. Roadside IEDs, targeting of Afghani government officials for assassination, and, worst of all, suicide bombers. Somehow there appears to be freedom of movement for the terrorists between these two fronts of the War on Terror. And a cursory glance of the map indicates this could only occur by trafficking of these terrorists thru Iran.

It is already well known that the Taliban are sending drugs through Iran and Iraq to finance their heinous activities. And that in all likelihood, the authorities in Iran are at least aware, if not actively involved in this smuggling. And now with the ‘election’ of the hard line Islamofascist Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as Iranian leader it seems that Tehran is becoming more supportive of the terrorist activities in her neighboring countries. Terrified of what the liberation of Iraq and Afghanistan means to their dictatorial rule, the Mad Mullahs are hoping that they can forestall the day liberation comes to their subjects by playing a dangerous game of supporting Osama and his lunatic followers in Iraq and Afghanistan with their destabilization of these fledgling democracies.

All of this provides a terrible dilemma for the terrorist appeasing peaceniks in the west. Many of them have shrilly proclaimed that they do support the soldiers in Afghanistan but not those in Iraq. Well seeing it is the same terrorists in both Afghanistan and Iraq that we are fighting surely you would think the liberal left would support the fight on terror in both countries, wouldn’t you?

Don’t hold your breath; the irrational anti-American hatred that fuels peaceniks like Max Gross overrides all rational thought!

The Mad Mullahs of Iran have had a long history of supporting terrorism all round the world. They hate freedom and they hate democracy. They and their new puppet leader must be held to account for this facilitation of Osama’s evil aims. They need to know that they are playing with fire and the leaders of the free world President Bush and PMs Howard and Blair will not tolerate their support for Al Qaeda.

And it is also about time the 5th column that is the anti-war movement started to get behind our soldiers and leaders in the War on Terror instead of undermining our fight against it.

God bless,