Thursday, 06 October 2005 By Patriot
I have long reported on the sinister relationship between the Mad Mullahs of Tehran and terrorism. And now it seems that the Governments of the Coalition of the Willing are now saying publicly what their intelligence services have long known, that the Iranian regime is supplying the terrorists in Iraq with sophisticated weapons and bombs. And these bombs are being aimed at the brave soldiers of the Coalition of the Willing who are bringing freedom to Iraq. The tentacles of terror that spread out from Tehran led to many places around the world. Lebanon, Israel, Iraq, and who knows, maybe even South East Asia. And if the Mad Mullahs are now handing out conventional bombs to terrorists what’s to stop them giving them nuclear devices from their nuclear weapons programme? The freedom-hating extremists that run Iran must be told by a unified international community that their nuclear dreams cannot be allowed. The appeasement of tyrants must not be allowed to happen again.

The tragedy of Bali has brought home to Australians again the evil ways of the Muslim extremists and their hatred of our way of life. The Mad Mullahs of Tehran, like the Bali bombers, should be shown that with our courageous trinity of Leaders, President Bush and PMs Howard and Blair, the freedom loving peoples of the West will not be cowed by terror and shall defeat it and all of it’s supporters wherever they may be.

God bless,

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