Created: Thursday, 20 October 2005 Written by Patriot
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The brave people of Iraq have come out and expressed their contempt for the terrorists trying to overrun their country and have voted on their new constitution.

This major leap forward for freedom and democracy was only made possible by the stalwart efforts of the trio of world leaders; President Bush and PMs Howard and Blair. They stood firm against a barrage of criticism from the loony left and now have the eternal gratitude of the people of Iraq. One voter in Baghdad told XenoxNews that he was going to leave his finger purple to remind himself of the feeling of freedom he felt when he voted on Saturday.
Makes you wonder how he feels about the likes of Pilger, Chomsky, Max Gross, and resident XenoxNews anti-Howard lunatic Chato, who have backed the Al Qaeda terrorists in Iraq from day one. Their hatred for America and the democratic and free enterprise society it stands for has blinded them to human rights abuses in Iraq under Saddam, and has made them bedfellows with the Worlds Public Enemy #1 Osama Bin Laden.

You can be sure that the march of freedom and democracy initiated in Iraq and Afghanistan by President Bush and PMs Howard and Blair has lit a fire of yearning in all the Arab world. The oppressed people of Iran and Syria are now looking at their neighbours and asking: "When will our leaders allow us free and fair elections? The right to run a business without being crushed by Government corruption and socialist red tape?" When these people risk their lives trying to get this freedom will the latte sipping left support them or will they once again allow their crazed hatred of anything American make them back the tyrants and despots that run these countries?

In the interests of peace I extend a hand of friendship to those on the left and say that I am willing to accept your apology and welcome you back to the side of decency and freedom. Now that the Iraqi people have once again voted for President Bush and PMs Howard and Blair it is surely time for you to take off your blinkers and support the good fight.

God Bless,