Created: Thursday, 02 February 2006 Written by Patriot
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It seems that the pressure of President Bush’s stance on Iran’s nuclear weapons program is starting to bite in Tehran. In what is surely a desperate move, it has been reported that Iranian President Madmanahmed is trying to forge an alliance with two of Latin America’s most despised despots; Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez.

What this new “axis of the crazies” is expected to achieve is unclear.
Perhaps President Madmanahmed sought advice from Cuba’s hated leader Castro on how to control and repress your subjects while living the life of luxury for 50 years!

Loony Lefties hero Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.

The Mad Mullahs of Tehran are hoping to distract and split the strong international alliance against their devious nuclear program. The vigorous diplomacy led by the first lassy of Steel Condoleezza Rice has got them running scared. And so they should be.

There is no way the international community, or at least the sane international community, can allow this rogue nation access to nuclear weapons or the technology to build them. Since the violent insurrection led by Ayatollah Imaloony back in the 70s Iran has sponsored countless terrorist acts. And they are undoubtedly behind a lot of the violence that is killing brave US and UK soldiers in Iraq. It is an evil regime whose people are crying out for freedom.

Venezuela’s Chavez. Looks like he has awarded himself another medal!

Perhaps the aim of Madmanahmed is to attempt an oil blockade with the Venezuelan dictator Chavez. But they should be warned that attempts to blackmail the people of the west at the petrol bowser will deliver stern action against their countries. Our brave leaders President Bush and PMs Howard and Blair have shown with Saddam that they will not let evil men threaten their people with weapons of mass destruction. Madmanahmed must know that if he doesn’t accept diplomacy and renounce his nuclear weapon ambitions the democratic peoples of the world will not shrink from the use of force. We will not allow his evil plans for nuclear domination of the Middle east to come to fruition.

God bless