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Pointless Turning Point in Iraq?

Created: Saturday, 06 May 2006 Written by Mr_Jupiter
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While occupied Baghdad crumbles around them, U.S. forces are on schedule with the building of the world's biggest "embassy", inside Baghdad's Green Zone. This massive fort-within-a-fort is the size of Vatican city, and puts paid to any disengenuous Washington rhetoric about backing the establishment of an independent Iraqi government. So, what's the latest "plan"?
According to Thomas Ricks of the Washington Post, the latest U.S. goal is partition:

"As the U.S. military struggles against persistent sectarian violence in Iraq, military officers and security experts find themselves in a vigorous debate over an idea that just months ago was largely dismissed as a fringe thought: that the surest -- and perhaps now the only -- way to bring stability to Iraq is to divide the country into three pieces. Those who see the partitioning of Iraq as increasingly attractive argue that separating the Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds may be the only solution to the violence that many experts believe verges on civil war."

How reassuring! Peace and democracy across the Middle East will surely follow!