Created: Sunday, 11 June 2006 Written by Patriot
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In a devastating blow against terror and those that support it Al Qaeda mastermind, and the man behind most of the violence in Iraq, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi has been eliminated in a joint Iraqi COW operation.

There was spontaneous celebration throughout Iraq when the news of his death was released. Indeed this celebration of the efforts of the brave soldiers of the Coalition of the Willing's forces finally disproves the lie that the Iraqi people hate their liberators.

In fact their demonstrations were indications of their underlying support for the three great leaders in the War on Terror; PMs Howard and Blair and President Bush. Much to the chagrin of the latte sipping leftists in the West, these brave men have brought democracy to Iraq and the fight to the terrorists.

The death of Zarqawi on its own will probably not stop the violence in Iraq. Indeed there remain sinister forces in Iraq who are bent on destroying its fledgling democracy and willing grasp of western values. Who are these evil people who would use suicide bombers and acts of random violence to further their evil ways and keep freedom from the people of Iraq? To answer this you must answer who has the most to lose from the removal of tyranny in Iraq and the bringing of democracy to the Muslim world? Which regime is so frightened by having liberty and free enterprise in its neighborhood?

The Mad Mullahs of Iran.

It is clear that with Zarqawi out the way most of the violence in Iraq will be due to the regime of Madmanahmed and the Mullahs. They hate our way of life and live in fear of their own oppressed people rising up and overthrowing them.

The justice dealt to Zarqawi by Coalition forces is also a reminder to the voices of appeasement and anti-Americanism in the West. Their strident and hysterical ranting should be, and are being, ignored by the mainstream in these countries. The vast majority of the West’s population knows that the War on Terror is a just fight for freedom, and that the imbecilic conspiracy fantasies of the likes of Pilger, Chato, Max Gross are just that; fantasies.

God Bless,