Time to Unite Against Terror

Created: Friday, 11 August 2006 Written by Patriot
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The inhumanity and evil of the Islamo-Fascist menace that threatens our civilisation has been exposed again. In a plot only madmen could devise, teams of crazed terrorists were to blow up planeloads of innocents in mid-air over the Atlantic Ocean.

Thanks to the stalwart work of the Governments of PM Blair and President Bush, thousands of lives have been saved. These leaders deserve all our praise for stopping this diabolical act of terror.
Once again the latte-sippers and nay sayers, like Chato and Max Gross, have been found out. Their visceral hatred of the trio of terror-fighters (President Bush and PMs Howard and Blair) has led them to once again side with the terrorists. Whether it is Al Qaeda killing innocents in Iraq, or Hizbollah causing the deaths of hundreds of civilians in Israel and Lebanon; you can guarantee these "peaceniks" will always blame those trying to protect freedom rather than the crazies that hate our way of life.

The War on Terror is a fight for freedom not only from fear, but also to enable democracy to take root where hatred has ruled for too long. The time has come for those tyrants of Terror, the Nasaralllahs, the Madmanahmeds, the Assads; to realise that freedom is on the march and that brave leaders like President Bush and PMs Howard and Blair won’t stop till these evil men stop threatening the world with death and destruction.

And it is only when these tyrants and their odious regimes have been replaced that people in Tel Aviv and Beirut, in London and New York, and even in Australia, will be able to live in peace and prosperity.

The time has long past for the bleating left wing of politics to start supporting our leaders. If they don’t stop attacking the war on terror the majority of people in the West will be justified in asking whether it will be time to curtail their activities. And the latte-sippers will then only have themselves to blame.

God Bless,