Created: Thursday, 14 December 2006 Written by Patriot
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Crazed Iranian dictator Madmanahmed is at it again. Threatening the Middle East’s only functioning democracy Israel with destruction, and ridiculing the greatest crime of humanity the Holocaust.

Isn’t it amazing the bedfellows the latte-sipping peaceniks have?

A diabolical threat to Mankind.

His two-day gathering of Holocaust deniers and white supremacists was another example of this lunatics mind set. The world cannot allow such a man to be in charge of nuclear weapons.

In cahoots with Islamofascists like Moqtada Al Sadr in Iraq and Hizbollah’s Nasrallah, Madmanahmed is attacking the spread of freedom and democracy in the Middle East. And there are also now whispers of his involvement in the resurgent Taliban in Afghanistan reaching western intelligence services. But don’t hold your breath for lefties like Max Gross, Pilger, or Chomsky to criticise him. Their instinctive and visceral anti-Americanism will somehow find a way to blame the US people for the terrorism that this Iranian despot is bringing to the Middle East.

If the West’s so-called peaceniks had their way we would have surrendered to the Islamofascists long ago. Their unblinking support of tyrants like Nasrallah and Saddam Hussein eliminates them from offering any rational input into the Iraqi situation. Their anti-American bile has contaminated their views so much that they are now on the side of holocaust deniers like Madmanahmed.

The only thing standing between us and these extremist Muslim crazies are the free worlds trio of leaders President Bush and PMs Howard and Blair. They have demonstrated that they will not be swayed from their God-given task to bring freedom to the long suffering people of the Middle East.

Bush, Howard and Blair will not allow another Vietnam to happen this time. There will be no listening to a traitorous 5th column that damned the Vietnamese people to communism and spat on our brave soldiers who were fighting for their freedom.

At this auspicious time these three wise men need our support and prayers as they strive to conquer evil in the world.

We cannot let the chattering lefty peaceniks leave the world in the hands of madmen. The tyrant Madmanahmed needs to be dealt with now.

With extreme prejudice.

God bless,