Created: Friday, 30 March 2007 Written by Patriot
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The provocations from the Islamofascist regime of the Mullahs are growing. Not content with kidnapping English troops, they now taunt their families by displaying the captured heroes on screen. Once again Iran is defying the international community and international law.

Why are they doing this?

Crazed Iranian Dictator President Madmanahmed threatening World Peace again!

Even a cursory examination of Iran reveals a population eager to throw off the shackles of their 27 years of oppression. You could say that all it would take is someone to kick in the door and the whole mad Islamofascist regime would tumble down. Undoubtedly the Iranian regime knows this; and this is why it viewed the liberation of Iraq by Bush, Blair and Howard with fear. If a liberal democracy would take root in Iraq it could spill over into their country and unseat them from power. That’s why the Mullahs have from day one of the Iraq liberation led a campaign of active destabilization in Iraq by funding terrorists, arming them, and maybe even actively supporting them with volunteer fighters.

Now with the world starting to unite against their Nuclear weapons program the Mullahs and Iranian President Madmanahmed are getting desperate. And perhaps because of this fragility the Iranian dictatorship think that by provoking war with the West they may strengthen their hold on power. Perhaps they believe there is an ebbing of support in the West for the War on Terror and think that the people and the leaders of the Coalition of the Willing will wilt against their threats. That by taking this action they could hasten the departure of the COW from neighbouring Iraq and Afghanistan.

But if President Madmanahmed and his Mad Mullah offsiders want to pick a fight they have picked the wrong guys. The trio of brave world leaders President Bush and PMs Blair and Howard are steadfast when it comes to defending freedom. They will not be cowed by threats from islamofascist dictators who crush their own population. These brave and proud men have already eliminated one tyrannical regime in the Middle East, to liberate Tehran is not something that scares them. If the Tehran regime wants to survive much further they must release those English sailors immediately. With no pre-conditions or demands. Otherwise it might be the President Madmanahmed and the Mad Mullahs that end up in captivity.

God bless,