War all the time Pt. II

Created: Thursday, 11 October 2001 Written by Pervis
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(Source: XXN) - US Defence officials are planning full scale bomb drops on Florida in a bid to escalate the war against terror.

"They cannot hide from us. We will blast the hell out of any area that harbours suspected terrorists."

As the 'war of terror' escalates the US will build up a much larger contingency of enemies, all dedicated to wreaking like minded attacks on the USA. Over the next 20 years the 50 states of the USA will enjoy scenes not unlike those enjoyed in places like Belfast, Israel, Palestine etcOne of the more memorable moves that will go down in history is the US governments recent use of a group of Hollywood directors and screen writers to help out with logistical operations. Does any one sense that something is not quite right in the Bush administraton?