And hold their manhoods cheap?!

Created: Wednesday, 25 September 2002 Written by Correspondent
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It is clear that political spin doctoring has reached its zenith in the current age. Why do we accept it? What is democracy when our leaders continually lie and distort the truth for their own political, financial and vengeful interests? Is the population consulted or even allowed to be informed before it is asked to give up its sons and daughters for the insanity of war?

And where will the leaders be if it happens? Certainly not leading the troops into battle like on 'St Crispin's Day'.

It is hard not to think that there is a conspiracy going on at the moment which links the US administration with the Howard and Blair governments over Iraq. So bent on the oil folly, because not enough has been done to promote safe alternatives to the massive use of fossil fuels.

George Bush, representative of the oil industry, Dick Cheney who made a fortune as CEO of Halliburton in cleaning up the busted pipelines after the last Gulf War. Condalezza Rice who has been on the board of Chevron Oil for years and has an oil tanker named after her. John Howard who can't even take heed of his own advisors and sign the Kyoto Protocol.

It stinks. Greed, hatred, ignorance, power, and with so many countries having large quantities of 'weapons of mass destruction', are they so insanely ego driven as to not realize this whole situation could inflame into a war unlike anything ever seen before on the planet? We now have the ability to destroy the whole earth if we want.

There is so much animosity in Central Asia and the Middle East towards the bullying west and particularly the US. What stops this becoming a (oxymoronic) "Holy War"?

How can countries like the US and Australia dismiss the UN when under criticism themselves, yet pressure the UN when it suits them for their own ends? Such ugly hypocrisy.

The irony is that the west, partcularly the US, has so many good things to offer that many nations want. When will it be possible to share this without war? It could be done - Rob Small