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Created: Thursday, 09 November 2006 Written by misha
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As Republicon thugs hit the mattresses across Amerikkka, one of the boss-of-bosses in the Bushevik crime syndicate abandons his gang. In the face of an almost unprecedented voter backlash in current congressional midterm elections, Capo Rummy has fled the scene. And while the neocon hydra twists and turns in rage, frustration and fear, it would be premature for opponents of the Amerikkkan invasion of Iraq to celebrate its demise.

Until the US electorate shows more interest in the bloodstains on Old Glory and the bloodbath in the Middle East than they did in the semen stains on a former White House intern's clothing, the Great Amerikkkan Catastrophe will continue to unroll like a gloabl Hurricane Katrina.

Meanwhile, Rummy has gotten away with mass murder. While he retires in wealth, luxury and increasing obscurity, his countless victims - those left alive - will continue to suffer and mourn into the unforseen future.