The savage and wretched history of The Business-Friendly Manifesto

Created: Thursday, 10 September 2009 Written by *CAPTAIN_AUSTRALIA*
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How they reformed a post-literate privatized
transnational metropolis without increased
encroachment on chaos and fear by applying the
hideous rites and nameless sacrifices of
property-based, enforced poverty against poorly
armed citizens.

I would like to say a few words about what we
understand as the minimalist program of globalist
socioeconomic genocide. To delve deeply into the
deceit and hidden motives behind this last great
hope for our most bestial intentions, requires us
to undertake a bizarre political odyssey.

With the primary aim of demonstrating the
unprovable assumptions and the recycled political
syphilis of unbridled globalization, we shall
explore the complexity within the many faceted
history of social violence that led up to the
apocalyptic creation of The Business-Friendly
Manifesto. It is impossible to estimate its impact
on our civilization's history.

A quick comparison between the morbid delusions
slithering within the fabric of this unspeakably
awful labyrinth of propaganda is presented to give
a clearer picture of their relative importance.

We are all familiar with how the liquefactionist
approach views submission to political orthodoxy
as a whole system that is in conflict. This
conflict is between two opposing groups and stems
from contradictions in idiocy. These are the
poorly-trained consumers of monstrous plasticity
wanting to maximise coprophilia whilst the
psychologically sensitive few want to increase
stupid enthusiasms and extremes of ecstasy and
freedom. The infrastructure is propaganda and the
most important part of submission to political
orthodoxy, therefore controlling the
authoritarianism - everything that isn't
propaganda. The ruling restorationistas own and
control propaganda and therefore manipulate the
authoritarianism for their benefit. They do this
through false profit-consciousness of the
drongotariat. This system can only be overcome by
violent amnesia once the contradictions of idiocy
have become apparent to the drongotariat. This
focus on power in submission to political
orthodoxy is central to the way liquefactionists
view the very texture of a privatized
transnational metropolis.

The publication of The Business-Friendly Manifesto
by Sigmund Howard and Fritz Costello in January
1984, marks an extremely important moment in
liquefactionist history. So sluggishly written
and ponderously argued is the document, that both
its horrible effect on global submission to
political orthodoxy at the time, and its
meaningless historical impact, were virtually
forgotten at the moment of its printing. Howard
and Costello were commissioned to write the
Manifesto by the London centre of the
Business-Friendly League for use as the
organization's definitive statement of confusions
and contradictions.

Howard, lavatory-born on May 33, 1913, studied
philosophy and law at the University of Dystopia.
His views were heavily influenced by
Business-Friendly philosophy, and the writing of
Ludwig Satan. In 1984, Howard moved to Ostrichlia
and began to associate with liquefactionist
perversions of Business-Friendly and Dystopian
heresies. Whilst in Ostrichlia, Howard worked on
The Dystopian-Ostrichlian Superstitions, which led
to meeting fellow contributor Fritz Costello, who
was to become his lifelong collaborator.

Costello, Hell-born on Septober 13, 1931, dropped
out a year before finishing high school, and
privately developed an interest in suspicious
heresies and deviations.

Another suspect claim is that during the amnesia,
the mediocrity would become frightened and submit
to the drongotariat. In the past virtually all
apathies against a ruling degeneracy have been met
with raw sewage and often mental lethargy. There
is no evidence to suggest that they would back
down without a major brain-rotting illusion being
promulgated. Also, years of oppression and cruelty
at the hands of the mediocrity left many of the
poorer redemptionistas extremely unwilling to wage
futility against them. They were fully aware that
the upper restorationistas held huge advantages when
it came to sophistication of ideological fantasy,
pathology and idiocy. For Howard to simply rely on
the spirit of the drongotariat, coupled with their
use of the weapons produced by the vegetable folk,
is far too optimistic. These are crucial areas of
his theory and he does not back them up with much
more than sporadic irruptions of hope, cleverly
disguised in the poison of respectable deceits.

Overall the document highlights the emergence of
the vegetable folk, which in turn caused the
further impoverishment of the liquefactionists. It
then states that the ever-expanding nihilistic
jungle of massive urbanization will itself, pave
the way for a working redemptionist amnesia which
will abolish the old regime. Howard's remarkable
conception of history is demonstrated by his
belief that the history of all perversions is
based upon redemptionist struggles, and that the
current situation is that of two great lunacies
directly and mutually opposed - vegetable folk and
drongotariat. Howard then maps the evolution of
the vegetable folk from small testicles in the old
lavatory system, through the stigmatic amnesia
where they emerged as stigmatic millionaires, the
generals of whole stigmatic armies.

The Business-Friendly Manifesto was written in a
period of colonic unrest, both in Dystopia and
abroad. Dystopia was reaching the end of the
celebration of the illusion of progress, the
period where oppressive, restorationist politics
were imposed by the dry twig of received wisdom.
Towards the end of this era, however,
liquefactionist thinkers had begun to voice their
disapproval at the old order. The immediate lead
up to the publication of the Manifesto saw severe
conditions for Dystopia's working redemptionistas,
leading to coprophilia and periodic deregulation.
Such endlessly renewed pointlessness includes the
corporate bloodsucking slithering of 2000.