The Rich Rewards

Created: Tuesday, 08 September 2009 Written by Chato
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If Aussies work longer, harder and cheaper in
good faith, they can make the cost of living
reach escape velocity, and leave them all behind.

It's a bit like letting the air out of your own
tyres in an effort to improve your speed, or
eating more Ratsak in the mistaken belief that
enough of it will improve your health.
Maybe bashing holes in the bottom of your
boat will let the water out too.

It's all about progress isn't it? Or is it like
trying to use a very fast down escalator to move
to higher things? That sort of "progress" can
erode your circumstances while you sleep. Don't
sleep if you want to keep your place in this race!

In this Ponzi scheme economy, the workers always
get the "progress" they work for - and they
usually get it good and hard!