Pirate Peckers Raised.

Created: Sunday, 29 May 2005 Written by Green Haired Jim
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The Cap'n had me over the breakfast table. With his cock as his cutlass... ...he drew blood from an already red raw anus.

Some say the sun of the Bahama's does strange things to men.

Like making them think that a young lads ass is a pussy!

Next, when we landed at Jamaica, all the crew struggled onto land. Headed for the whores. Some nice black bitch split her crevice and my hard thing went in. Struggled with eternity and all her spittin' worms and then blew me load.

Fuck me dead!

I had a tooth pick to clear me dicks eye. The smegma of days gone by, you see. As a green haired freckled lad I was wanted. When I first came on board I had dreams of cleaning up this moral mess. With the bible in hand...

"Sinners I have the answer. I am born again and you can be too..."

Nowadays I use that book to wipe the old chap clean. The captain grabs me by the hair and drags me to the bridge. Cries out to the crew.
"Would you have me fuck this lil' lad? Right here before god and all you good men?"

And of course they wanted it, and now I nurse my ass like a red raw steak. Fellas you cry you want pussy but why do you bend me over the table then?

Sky is scratchy now. With misty mornings and sand swept days. They have dumped me in that occident heaven Baghdad.

A boys arse aint worth a penny in this town.

Good lord above! I curse the day I was ever born!

Curdled in the corner my dreams are small; a bit of lamb, a fellow traveller to share my misery. Preferably blonde and never fucked up the arse before.

To all my Pirate freinds: Long may you ream each other!

Green Haired Jim