Created: Friday, 06 January 2006 Written by Chato
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Contractor falls eight floors to
his awful death in Sydney.
After the sad death of his son
on a Howardland Sydney CBD
building site his dad said his
son was "hard-working".

I suppose dad feels a bit guilty
that his son had only one life to
give for the Howardland economy,
maybe a bit guilty that his son
will no longer be breeding for
the economy either.

He could feel relieved that the
PM is safe and will never have to
place his own pathetic body in
any danger as he rorts the
economy for global corporations,
financiers and their ilk, while
he "reforms" work practices.

Perhaps the immensely valuable
John Weaselton Filth will choke
to death one day during his
ongoing orgy of gluttony at Oz
taxpayer's expense. We could
wish. If he does, you can bet the
food or drink he chokes on is the
very best your money can buy for
those who live rent-free at the
noble Suckabilly House.