Created: Friday, 06 October 2006 Written by Chato
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Are they total deadshits?

Or are they just confused and misunderstood
creatures that need care and tenderness?
Should we blame them for wanting to suck on
the teat of the nanny National-Socialist
Howardland state?
Are they to be condemned for craving
father-love from a senile, butt-sucking,
arsewipe from a conga-line of Liberal Party
Can't we overlook their contemptible
weakness and immorality and just get along?

Well, I've thought about it, and I say:

Hunt 'em down like rabid dogs, nail every
one of those fuckers to a stake, glue John
Howard love-dolls to their naked bodies, and
force them to watch porn-vids of John and
Alan "hard at it" in a tender moment of
de-regulated, mutual-obligation.

If any one of those fairies cracks a fat,
fling a can of John Howard brand, ethanol
contaminated petrol over him, and set him
ablaze after collecting GST from him first.

Before incineration, it might be a good idea
to force all of those John-loving arsewipes
to sign mutual-obligation contracts that
will give Satan full use of their crappy
souls for all eternity - plus GST.

The fine print should state that any
good-looking wives or daughters, must serve
their mutual-obligation as love-slaves to
the staff of the Chato Institute.