Created: Tuesday, 14 November 2006 Written by Chato
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It's only a little bit extra.

Good to hear from Nuclear John that nuclear
energy will not only fix all pollution and
greenhouse problems, but the electricity that
it produces will be nearly free!

So cheap in fact, that it will only need a
new "wafer thin" tax to be collected so that we
can enjoy free energy (after nuke tax).
Evidence that the tax really will be almost
invisible, was Toxic John's voice. It was almost
inaudible when he mentioned the nuke tax.

Pensioners will be freed from worries about the
price of energy - they will be living in the streets!
Filthy bludging old cripples! Serves 'em right!

Faithful John-loving dullards are to be rewarded
for their patience. The "recession we had to have"
is being ushered in by the corrupt property market
folding in the middle like a rotten banana.

Trust Non-core John? Sure can!
Too bad about those interest rates.
Don't blame John though. Some bad men must have
forced him to tell all those naughty lies.

Your family business going to the wall? You must be
one of those cunts involved in the "black economy"!

As John says, it's time for all those poor people
to shut up and realize that there are no poor
people in the prosperous Howardland.
There are only winners and bludgers.