When The Titmouse Roars The World Listens!

Created: Friday, 16 March 2001 Written by Tom Titmouse

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Ladies and Gentleman! Is this great journal of ours to be subsumed by Yugo's obsession with that paragon of virtue lil Johhny Howard??

C'mon Yugo lift your eyes! Focus on what is really destroying our great nation: the fact that any foul smelling, four eyed, buck toothed yella livered, turban wearing mutha fucker can jump on a ship and get 4 star treatment at our `Holiday` detention centres!

Shit, I'd love to spend a few months out at that resort at Port Headland at taxpayer expense! They're just a few miles from Broome and you know how much a good hotel costs there. No, Yugo forget lil 4-eyes. What about those layabouts at Woomera!

It must be costing me at least 8c/day to keep those pricks in clover!

What about something for me! Jesus Christ, I've worked for so long I need a fuckin holiday! Put me on a boat from Xmas island and shack me up Australia!


Tom Titmouse