Created: Saturday, 28 December 2002 Written by Correspondent
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As this year draws to a close it is an apt time to reflect on what has happened during 2002. And it is amazing that at this time life is imitating art, for just as in this week's blockbuster movie "The Two Towers" we are involved in a quest against evil. Like in Tolkien's epic we are now faced with evil on two sides: the tyrants of the Middle East Saddam and Osama, and now the lunatics in Nth Korea. How accurate was President Bush when he pinpointed them as one of the terrors we face today. And of course the dial-a-lefty's on Xenox News ridiculed him then.

How does the egg on your face taste Max!

It is at this time our hearts go out to the families of those who have been hit by the war on terrorism.
The families of the SAS soldiers. The victims of Bali. And those who are now going through a second Xmas without their loved ones in New York. But our leaders are now preparing to strike back for our freedom. They have Al Qaeda on the run, with top lieutenants in that evil organisation killed or captured. And now, thanks to the cajoling of the Bush and Howard administrations, the UN appears to be doing what it should be doing: forcing those that want to acquire weapons of mass destruction to disarm and obey the will of the international community. But if these tyrants don’t do as they are told they will face the wrath of the free world. War is ugly but the other choice is a lot worse. It would mean that countries could thumb their nose at international law. And that would be intolerable.

In Australia, Prime Minister John Howard has shown himself to be the perfect leader of the times. Striking a fair and reasonable balance he has let the countries in Australia’s region know that he is dead serious about protecting Australia’s interests; and the vast majority of Australians agree with him.

What has been disappointing about this year is the unwillingness of the left to grasp what is happening. Now is not the time to retreat into the infantile anti-US posturing of proven liars like Pilger and Chomsky. One would think they could realise it is only by unity and self sacrifice can we overcome the terrorist menace of today. Wake up you fools and see what is going on! It is a clash of the modern versus the medieval! It is not going to ‘save the earth’ by giving into fanatical fools. Only by the system of capitalism economy and democratic government can mankind advance.

Let the light of the United States free society be our guide.

Dear Xenox News reader may your next year be prosperous and safe!

Dec 28 2002