Created: Sunday, 03 July 2005 Written by Chato
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P.M. pledges eternal vigilance on
terrorism crisis.
The putrid arse-seeking Prime
Morbidity of Ostrichlia spends
even more Oz taxpayers money on
the ongoing task of keeping the
flame of terror burning.

After the latest dramatic dawn
raids of the special N.A.Z.I.
(Near Absolute Zero Intelligence)
secret-police, who applied the
Howard-Beazley emergency decree,
to some terrified Oz citizens,
the socially-violent little P.M.
was flushed with the success of
the expensive stunt.

"My Ministry of Fairness has just
conducted the first of what will
be an endless series of random
raids that will be applied with
the maximum of stern force!",
droned the repellent little
one-time property pimp, who is
now a corporate arsewipe and
Prick Manipulator.

"We are facing a terror crisis -
the terrorists have left no stone
unturned in refusing to attack
the Howardland!
As we cannot leave something as
important as terror up to the
whims of casual terrorists, we
have decided to provide the
necessary amount of terror via
the very professional services of
the Howardland secret police."

The awful little monster added
a final emphasis.

"The deeply moronic Oz public were
showing all the signs of becoming
bored with my old terror scam,
so I have acted to rev them up!
My very wealthy patrons insist
that I provide nothing less."