Created: Sunday, 06 November 2005 Written by Chato
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Brave priest stands alone as he
exposes the Prime source of evil
as the True Terror that is
facing us all! The Terror, who
as you read this is raising
interest rates and petrol prices!

(Coming Soon - the unmasking of
the evil reptiloids who control
our weak leaders)

As the priests of all the main
stream churches have taken the
same spineless stand as the
useless Wind Bagzly of Labor,
and cannot bring themselves to
denounce the Prime Malignancy,
(the most foul Uncle Suckhole)
a brave soul must speak out.

The Reverend Doctor Chato of
the One True Faith of the
Church of the Rubber Chook
(Chook who died on a stick for
your sins) shall now reveal
that Uncle Suckhole, the Prime
and foul Malignancy of Oz was
spawned on Earth by the son
of Satan to steal the minds
and souls of the pathetic fools
who fail to accept the Rubber
Chook as their Lord and Saviour
as revealed by the good prophet
The Reverend Doctor Chato.

Now remember: The Chook died for
your sins, so you OWE him!

Those who wish to be saved
should send all monies+GST


The Reverend Doctor Chato
(Good Prophet)
The One True Church
c/o XenoxNews
Suckabilly House
Sheet Creek