Created: Wednesday, 28 October 2009 Written by Mr Beatitude
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Double Blind

It is fairly well documented that Yuri Geller may have used trickery during some of his 'exhibitions'. Geller had even admitted early in his career that his manager had organised number plate details along with descriptions of the car driver before they entered a show and had provided Geller with the lists of plates. The sensitive and possibly naive entertainer has also been observed with something on his thumb during a compass moving performance and often failed to bring any "magic" on other occasions.

Geller has also denied the story about receiving his powers from computer-like droids on a planet called "Hoova" attributing this myth to his previous over zealous manager.

Some "experts" have actually made a name for themselves in the entertainment industry primarily as "Exposers of Geller" however to date there have been few if any who have debunked the Geller phenomenon recorded by the well respected and credentialed Stanford Research Institute.

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