Brave Aussie diggers under Terrorist Attack!

Created: Tuesday, 26 October 2004 Written by Patriot

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Australia was in shock tonight when it was reported that a suicide bomber launched a cowardly attack on unsuspecting Aussie troops in Baghdad. Luckily it appears none of the brave Aussie boys&girls were seriously injured. Unfortunately some of the Iraqi civilians they are protecting weren't so lucky with 2 dying in the attack.

If the cowardly terrorists behind this attack think that they can cower the brave government of PM Howard they are surely mistaken. In fact, by attacking the forces of good and freedom these cowards have underlined why Australia is in Iraq. They were only attacked because they are there to help Iraqis throw off the shackles of tyranny and oppression and to give them the freedom and democracy they crave. The brave Aussie diggers, who are once again fighting evil in the Middle East, represent everything that these wicked terrorists hate.

Every Australian should now get behind them and their allies the US and Great Britain, and support the troops on the front line of the war on the terror.

For if they cut and run from Iraq now, who knows? Maybe the front line will be in Sydney or Melbourne.