Created: Saturday, 27 September 2003 Written by LordyLordyLordy
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Just off the XenoxNews Wire....

Man dead in Baghdad. As I left the hairdressing salon I found I had me pecker poking out me strides!

PM John Howard doesn't regret being told the wrong thing and acting o­n it; "It was the honorable thing to do.

"Lock 'em all up. It's my land not theirs."

Dolebludgers forced to look for last!

I stepped of the plane and collected me baggage. Then it was off to the hotel to find all the sights. Whores, Whiskey, and Crack; in any order.

When is this war gunna really start? C'mon you wankers call a spade a spade! We all know who we're fighting - show some balls and name names!

The next morning my lips were pasted shut and my dick stuck in the zipper.