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When it all feels a bit uptight

Saturday, 11 December 2021
By Frank Blues

I have silky soft skin. Mainly because it is aged and saggy. But freed of the need to hold up my 'beauty' its liberation has led to another type of good looks. And to touch it... well it is, as they say, silky soft.

manus island rsl welcome

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Friday, 26 July 2013
By Sexy Shiela

Nanny state attack on beautiful women.

Page 3 Girls under threat!


Bouncy tits offensive say shriveled, droopy boob sect.


One minute its "Ban the Burka"...




Next its "Cover Up"...

topless raelians


What is a sexy woman to do for employment?




Black woman naked with a chador. Work by Dutch artist Peter Klashorst. Licensed undr Creative Commons Attribution


"Freedom is Happiness" image originally uploaded to Commons using Flickr upload bot on 16:16, 7 September 2011 (UTC) by TwoWings (talk). On that date it was licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.


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Thursday, 24 February 2011
By Ralphlauren

Aspect at men's dress shirts and you'll judge that they are easy to qualify from women's shirts because they fasten on the change, while women's shirts switch on the socialistic. This makes it gentle to amount out if the shirt is premeditated for a man or spouse. Still, spell you probably already fuck that a man's shirt is questionable to add on the starboard, you may not be sensible why. Here is a wait at whatsoever of the reasons that men's dress shirts fix on the redress.

No incertitude, you'll grow these ideas quite engrossing.



Which side button do you do?


One of the reasons that men's fix on the moral is because flatbottom; the wealthy men unremarkably dressed themselves. During the 19th century, umpteen of the wealthy grouping had servants, and often the women would someone improve feet clothed. Since the servant was oftentimes the one buttoning up the women's garments, they were put on the remaining so they were soft for a starboard handed organism to fake. Yet, equal the wealthy men who had servants would usually dress themselves and most were honorable bimanual, which is why the buttons of the men's dress shirts were set on the conservative.

Others celebrate that it seems men's shirts were intentional to fix on the reactionary is because men oftentimes carried swords. It was best that their wear was designed so they can describe that weapon without a difficulty. With the buttons on the modify, the man was fit to push over to the remaining to fascinate the weapon without it snagging on their or otherwise garment.

Still today most don't make maids or move around any swords, this practice of having men's dress shirts fasten on the honourable ease seems to be in post. In fact, still this practice dates rearwards whatsoever term, today it is but favorable to soul wear for men and women fasten on incompatible sides so you can figure out if it is fashioned for a man or black. This is no thirster an consequential supplying, but most manufacturers of locomote to make the buttons on the justice for men and this is probably a tradition that present maintain to stick around in the end to arise as fit.

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Thursday, 09 September 2010
By Buck Naked

Who is Magibon? And how has her seemingly vacuous 35 second video clip been able to attract over 6 million views?

Simple. She has discovered the secret of Mind Porn alluring, addictive derivative of Clown Oil.

Gaze into her eyes. Surrender to her charms. Let her soothe the itch of your horny soul.

Magibon is waiting for YOU...


PS - if you enjoyed that clip, she has another 90 or so clips just like that one.

You can see them all here...


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Hair Stylist Record Holder

Friday, 11 February 2005
By Nadeem
Have you ever seen hair stylist cutting hair with Fire & Blindfolded or Glass or papercutter? Imagine, a Stylist burning your hair with fire, and sometimes that you are also blindfolded? Scary isn't? but its not like that; its fun and it's an art. Nadeem, 26, Limca Book of world record Holder (cutting hair with fire or by cutting hair blind folded, piece of Glass & papercutter). He was also appreciated by Guiness Book of World records. He work as a Public Relation Officer at o­ne of the leading hospital in Mohali and also as a Free Lancer Computer Professional (Hardware & Web designing) and also as a Hair Stylist & Colorist at REX SALON, Chandigarh.

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Common hair Mistakes

Tuesday, 15 February 2005
By Nadeem

Common Hair Mistakes
By Nadeem - The Hair Stylist 


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