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Old Mate - The Rise and Fall of Colloquialisms

Created: Friday, 07 October 2022
Written by Old Mate
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Colloquial terms add colour, flavour and humour to language.

Some colloquialism emerge from the street and, like a virus, quickly become mainstream.

"Hold my beer" is a good example.

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I mean...

Created: Tuesday, 09 August 2022
Written by Pervis

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You know those people who preface nearly every answer with "I mean.."

"I mean.... when I was working there blah blah blah"

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What does reciprocity mean?

Created: Friday, 15 January 2021
Written by Mad Mike the Wannabee Marketing Mogul

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A simple strategy for the podcaster who would like to appear clever in 2021 is to casually drop the word reciprocity into a sentence.


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Word of the Day: Purview

Created: Wednesday, 29 April 2020
Written by Allan

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Example sentence:

max 146 20140424 1292436840

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Created: Friday, 08 June 2012
Written by Book Worm
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The term "double tap" is making international news, so, well, what does this new buzz phrase mean and how does it work?

Once used to describe an action of firing twice quickly in succession with a pistol, the definition of Double Tapping in 2012 has been redefined as the act of assassinating or murdering someone, or a group of people, and then waiting around until people come to the rescue, or start examining the aftermath. As the rescuers, compatriots of the dead, or onlookers gather round, the killers then hit them with another whammy and pow; the killer scores twice the kill. (Experience points are earned and the killers potentially go up a level)

Another way of achieving a double tap is to wait for the funeral of the dead of the first strike. Then while family, friends, associates and onlookers are gathered around in their suits mourning the deceased...BLAM! Hit the lot of them!

Apparently the term Double Tap originated from intelligence agents describing what some terrorist groups have been known to do including Hamas. The mafia, however, strictly forbids it under any circumstance. i.e. it is strictly forbidden to go and blast the fuck out of mourning women, children, grandmothers, aunties etc.

Unfortunately this definition of Double Tapping is making worldwide news because there have been an escalating amount of incidents this year where this controversial form of mass killing is being regularly played out, in fact it appears to be now seen as an effective strategy by the US military and intelligence agencies.

The Double Tap

Word of the year? Re-Hypothecation

Created: Wednesday, 21 December 2011
Written by Blinded by the Shite
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How to run a country broke and make a mint.

It is what caused the GFC, while those pulling the strings made a killing.

It is the same tactic that the outgoing UK Prime Minister is pushing through now to make sure his corporate pals can fleece the population further under the guise of stabilising things.

See if you can understand it via this Russian Times video:


Word of the year? Re-Hypothecation. Cheers!