Here we go again...

Wednesday, 08 January 2020
By Tex Lumbago

That Idiot country. With it's Idiot leader. They have popped the plug on another war and now all the shit will be flying out.

Now we just wait until shit for brains Aussie PM Smoko invites us along for the ride.


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New decade. Last decade.



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Keeping it Real

Monday, 22 June 2015
By Tex Lumbago

During this short break...

Read more: Keeping it Real

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Editorial Meeting

Thursday, 09 May 2013
By Tex Lumbago
Tex L
- Gave me a handful of colourful pills before the party got gate crashed. When that guy was beating me over the head with my cane I don't recall feeling any pain. I do remember the slow motion. Ahhh... 1984...
-I said which ones do I take. He said all of them. 


- Twas early 84

fat jap

  - Phil the pill.            
- I wish my brother George was here            
- Amazing to be alive still. Wonder for how much longer. Nearly fucking 50 you know which I used to think would be about the limit.            

- yes... Shouldnt you be on smack now?
- Well im still kicking but y'know any day...

- That was if I made 60 wasn't it. On the kandy korn now :O           

- Oi! Where'd u get it!

-Some cunt I met down the pub

-Not the cycle shop?

-That psychedelic anthropologist Dr i told u about is likely to move to Oz. Told him to look U up if he ends up in Melbum

          -We get Pecker for next summit? Be nice to see him again...

- Off to play some soccer with chinese and indians against Germans :p

-Sounds like a war game.. can I be Vichy again            

-Vichy? Think ur celine or something?

-Is it?

japan escalator

-Is what?

-Petcha? Good luck getting him to turn up!            
-Is it.. Celine / Vichy            

-I'll put the word on him...
-They were both at one stage.


- Ohio gazamus

-Gunna set up Xenoxnews public twitter list... Almagate us all undr one banner

 -Even your work stuff? Lol 


-Tell him you'll point the bone if he's not careful. Black catfish bone!            

-That should get him off his arse... Good idea. he believes that rubbish

 -Hmmm.. Maybe!

-Ok gotta run from subway to bus to Turf City Futsal fields! Spread ur goodness on the 'News... It needs it!

-But I always get rubbished and then feel the sadness of everything            
-Poor moi
-Boo hoo

-Nonsense... Get it on!

-Whattaya wan me to write about            
-Death and the unknown; the usual bark

-All of the above!

tits japan


-Just paste the thread             

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Upgrade to XenoxNews.com Staff Toilet

Tuesday, 21 June 2011
By XenoxNews Stiffed Reporter

The plan for the upgrade to the XenoxNews.com staff toilets has been released.

The new facility was designed by the Swedish firm Magnusson, Angusson & Bjork and incorporates the latest in human waste management technology. The upgrade is expected to lead to a measurable increase in the productivity of the XenoxNews.com staff.


Below is a model of one of the new toilets:




The camera will be linked directly to the XenoxNewsTV youtube channel so the editor can keep an eye on the comings and goings of his staff. Construction will begin at the end of June and should be finished within two months.

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Wednesday, 23 March 2011
By Tex Lumbago

Dear reader you may have noticed a new addition to our article pages - the ‘Offender Meter’

This device enables you to rate how offensive you find our articles. Please take the time to use it. Your feedback is important - if you are offended we want to know!


Can you see where it is now dickhead?


This is all part of our continuing drive to maintain XenoxNews.com as your one stop media website. Dear reader we are here to use and abuse. We welcome any suggestions you may have to keep XenoxNews.com numero uno in the wide web world. Just add them in our comments section and our team will get on to it right away.


Thank you,

Tex Lumbago (Editor) and The XenoxNews.com team

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Wednesday, 16 February 2011
By Tex Lumbago



For ten years we have been Australia’s only Fair Dinkum Internet Newspaper.


A newspaper with an unrivalled record of integrity, truth, and excellence.


Always the Intelligentsia's first port of call during their daily browsing - www.XenoxNews.com


Over the last decade XenoxNews.com has

- never failed to bring you the facts on what is happening in the world; unafraid of any of the powers that be!

- provided you with hard hitting opinion and analysis that breaks the shackles of mainstream media groupthink!

- lightened the mind and thrilled the soul with our poetry and art!

- and given you that light amusement that gives you a chuckle and brightens your day :)



As editor I want to tell you dear reader that I have, and I will continue, to pour my heart and soul into this great Newspaper.

As proof of this I publicly make my Declaration of Principles:


XenoxNews principles


So remember...



Your only hope in a world gone mad!

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