XenoxNews Radio

Listen to the secret meetings of the XenoxNews crew. Hear them spill the beans on how this amazing news service was created, and why the Editor is wanted in 15 countries.

Xenox Radio bursts into the airwaves

Monday, 13 January 2003
By Pervis

Listen and Glisten

Xenox News premiers its new radio program this week. Learn about the news, its relationship to the news reading populace, its founding origins, orifices, organs and orgone, and the editors predeliction for naked young Japanese sushi munchers. Features music by Xenox Anna.

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Xenox Radio spritzers onto the airwaves once again

Thursday, 15 May 2003
By Pervis
Tumultuous Radio Xenox Radio 2 includes an in depth live report from the Xenox News second summit meeting. Listen to the machinations and process that keeps Xenox News production rolling on. The show reveals glimpses of the inner workings of the core team and what keeps them together. Also features the never before aired sneak preview Dogsbody recording sessions (album out and available on-line soon)

Uncensored, unvarnished and under intoxication radio.
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