#AskBoxhead - Australia. Open or not?

Wednesday, 21 June 2023

Dear Mr Boxhead,

Australia's a big place. Huge in fact. Surely we have room for the desperate and bedraggled of the World.

Now I know many Australians would not like a free for all, so I am asking you Mr Boxhed, if you had to rank these poor unfortunates for entry what order would you put them in?



Concerned and Open Hearted Teal Voter

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Dear Concerned etc,

You are right there. Our Australia is a big place. And I reckon we could squeeze a few more in, particularly in those mid-distance suburbs where the rich live. But you know how the Aussie Hoi-Polloi view the reffos...


To me it boils down to this. Which boatload of these people should we choose.


This boat:

 20230622 143240 20230622 1136422737


Or this Boat:

  boat people

Maybe old squeaky Albo could do a referendum on this.




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