The shame and sorrow and bliss, of the recycled sewage kiss

Monday, 23 March 2009 By *CAPTAIN_AUSTRALIA*
Pour the juices of a dark night of delight into
the dark green polluted waters of market
discipline. Have the courage to experience more
outgrowths of filthy conformity.

A bestial perversion emerged from a crevice in my
mansion of conformity. Crawling, feasting, rotting
- the vital bodily fluids exuded by the corpse of
John Howard were absorbed into the wastelands of
subhuman voracity. There is no other land or
otherworldly purgatory that matches the wastelands
of our fate. Step onto these sacred grounds to see
if religion's various branches can accommodate our
demons of destruction. Heaven and Hell are at

Festering corruption of the ages, I hail thee.
My spinal column offers no solid resistance to the
seething nightmare of progress. Unspeakable
cruelty is accomplished in a dark room at the very
brink of audibility. Nail our colours to the mast
- a scarlet stain on Satan's horns.

Hasten failure with the stench of madness and more
dull, unintelligible tasks. Enter the temples of
recycled despair where the tears sting like
enthusiastic blasphemy. Come to terms with nature
and achieve senseless delusion. From the depths of
the primal worldview emerge the sharp instruments
of cultural devastation. Hordes of mindless
gargoyles join in one dark pornographic night of
unspeakable horror. Our desires turn away from the
natural world, our modern minds stumble into ruin.
The laws of nature define our intellectual views,
but lies and regimented platitudes take first
place in our hearts.

Our hope has been completely dismantled by the
massive landscape of unspeakable horror. This
world is a lowly way station full of soulless
beings possessed by national vainglory. We might
be disappointed, but we press insistently upon the
dominion of ideas. Philosophy is a sacred
instrument for gaining redemption.

Alienated from righteousness by deepening idiocy,
our dark properties condemn us to living with
intellectual rabies. How limitless the illusion of
technological rationality, and how fatal is this
spiritual psychosis. One can no longer control
explicit or implied descriptions of civilization's
bizarre concepts. The only thing lef to us, is to
risk nothing that is not demanded by Satan.

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