Monday, 04 July 2011 By Profeessional Political Pundit

Today the Australian Green Party, a rag tag crew of mung bean munchers and hard core socialists, takes control of the Australian senate. They will hold the balance of power and decide on the future direction of the Australian Government.

As a long time observer of Australian politics I can give you my prediction of where this will end.


Tony Abbott will be Prime Minister of Australia within 18 months!


Our new Leader

You heard it here first - Abbott as aussie PM in 2012!


There is no way that a credible and responsible government can be run with the loony left ratbags of the Greens in power. I predict strikes, disabled government functions, and huge budget blowouts while PM Gillard tries to satisfy Bobbie Brown and his team of simpletons.


Food Supply Green style

Soon to be seen scenes in Australia as the Greens take power.


In the end it will end in tears, and Liberal leader Tony Abbott will be elected with a Howard-like majority. Unfortunately it will be probably too late for Australia; left adrift it will fulfil Singaporean leader Lee Kuan Yew’s prediction and become the ‘poor white trash of Asia’.

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