Thursday, 24 November 2011 By Ricardovitz
Y'all can fergit Occupy WallStreet, Melbourne, 'n whatnot.  The Yankee Niggro-In-Chief done come to ya, 'n is settin up his Yankee Military in yer backyard.  I reckon he dern't like slant-eye'ds too much.  Niggros fear thar yellow man cuz they know they git twice the skull 'n only half the brain a yellow-slant's got.

Anywhoo,   Obama done shoved this here "agreement" down the Australian throat - which he let loose 'bout cuz darkies cain't keep thar thick-lips shut  'bout nothin!   Obama slipped up durin a joint news jibber-jabber with  Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard in the nation's capital, Canberra.  Fer a side note here- If y'all elected me, Ricardovitz, as yer Prime Minister, this here kind of Yankee takeover 'd never take place.  NEVER!!!!!  Y'all 'd be armed to the teeth 'n thar ain't gonna be no foreign invasions under my watch.  Nosiree, boys 'n girls, nosirree.

Obama say: "I am very pleased that we are able to declare this military cooperation (caughcaugh - invasion) here together on Australian soil," Obama said. "Because of these initiatives that are the result of our countries working very closely together as partners, we are going to be in a position to more effectively strengthen the security of both of our nations and this region."
Obama stresses Asia-Pacific importance

Yup, how come I dern't see no Australian military helpin the US with its border problems with Mexico 'n its Ayrab-drug-land gang of festerin filth?  Got more need fer Aussie military on US border with Mexico than Yankee Military on Aussie soil - tain't no Mexicans, Ayrabs er other undesireable borderin that country!  Under the agreement, up to 250 U.S. Marines will be sent to Darwin and the northern region of Australia for military exercises and training. Over the next several years their numbers are expected to climb to 2,500. 

All thar while, tain't no US or Aussie  military stompin out US's Mexican threat.  See what happens when you ain't git no guns???? Y'all been invaded by the Yankee  Niggro-In-Chief.


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