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Created: Friday, 09 September 2005 Written by Chato
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P.M. responds to the fear and
loathing of the grovelling OZ
public by extending state terror
to ordinary acts of living.
The Prime Morbidity of Oz,
Emperor Judas Homunculus,
has restored a fair balance
of terror by allowing national
terror laws to be applied to
working people as they go
about their daily work.

Hardly audible over the cheering
of the Ostrichlian masses, the
father of Howardland Security
addressed the grateful throng.

"It is a matter of fairness"
drooled the deranged rodent.

"In the same manner that the
GST reduced your tax by increasing
it, I have increased your freedom
by reducing it! I have thereby
restored a balance of fairness"

"I know you bludgers could not
have lived with yourselves until
you also felt the sharp but fair
sting of Howardland state terror."

The leader of the invisible national
opposition, Wind Bagzly, was furious.

"Good on you Judas, you give it to 'em!"
he cried.
"At last Oz justice is being brought
into line with regional standards."