Chuck is a nice bloke? XN makes a public apology.

Created: Friday, 04 March 2005 Written by Unregistered Corresp
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Prince Charles visit to Australia was timed to coincide with Prince and the Princess Mary. Why? Is he attempting to be associated with the warm feelings that Aussie's feel towards the Danish royals at the moment? Is he hoping that those warm and fuzzy sentiments will rub off onto Camilla and himself. Why is no-one mentioning the Princess Di and the strong possibility that she was murdered. Well they are in Germany and France. Hopefully the results of a new investigation into her death by the French police will be released on the wedding day of Charles and Camilla.

Xenox News editorial staff would like at this time to print a public retraction of a publication made in 1980 (spray painted in 6 foor high letters on the pavilion of a local cricket club). We would like to say that Lady Di no longer sucks and that perhaps what we should have said is Prince Charles Sucks. And maybe an update is required: Princess Mary Sucks. Which begs the question. "But does she swallow?" Only a handful of football teams knows the answer to that one. Denton pointedly avoided asking her this during his recent interview. But you should be warned that we might change our minds about Lady Di pending advice from our local medium as it seems that she may be issuing demonic instructions from beyond the grave. If our medium confirms such diabolical activities we may indeed find that she does suck and that she does so in hell.