We overcome life's injunctions with a ridiculous waste of energy

Created: Wednesday, 14 January 2009 Written by *CAPTAIN_AUSTRALIA*
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But sometimes the unhealthy rivers of futility
carry the eternal agony that is hope.

When you travel, ultraviolet radiation from what
remains of a hedonistic desire for genocidal
massacre seizes a broken mind that shows clear
symptoms of going this hellish extra mile with the
many hideous things from the grey lamentations of
sexual dysfunction.

Young girls dance in the shredded remains of the
flesh where the bloodshed sows the seeds of its
own meaning yet it chased the poison out of the
disciples. I was alone, without the useful
counter-fascination of the good properties of
madness - a festering malignancy gently sawing
through the hairline cracks of imperial
entitlement where the blue gums are growing.

With every animalistic yearning for electric
perversions came the stench from a gradual growth
in corrosion. Salvation is the hunger of
anti-matter without its nutriment. Nevertheless,
the implicit and explicit threat of naked
excommunication forbids us to introduce children
to vacuous celebrities or politicians.

Failure is the melody of Satanology, and from the
depths of space comes the temptation to preach
hellfire and brimstone of great thickness. The
religion of hideous fragments and Australia's
aspirational culture swept an apocalyptic world
battling against the motivational industry. The
fruit of war is a hideous thing, full of the debt
we used to live on the world battleground. Never
will they enjoy a special class of pointlessness.

With madness we await the morbid dimension that is
death, because the deadly monotony of life brushes
the pallid stars and makes them a cloud of despair
with massive bribes and donations, which are often
paid with money provided by the motivational

And through this revolting graveyard of human
abnormality, egoism, individualism, and despair we
search for the the lurid glare of freakish truth,
while the victims of the rigours of progress know
the invisible hand of the Great Australian Dream
as a betrayer of the innocence and honour in their
screaming hearts.