Your expensive illusion of progress is painful

Created: Monday, 10 November 2008 Written by *CAPTAIN_AUSTRALIA*
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Far gone with the usual dogma, many of us embrace
the old bland fog of entertainment. Stinking filth
is mixed-up with a decayed religion.
Deluded by a plethora of devotional poses, we
relax and sink into regimented platitudes.

In a manner of speaking, fools constructed a
mirage out of too many failures, and finally,
their mindless faith was undermined by hairline
cracks in its foundations. Even though their
enthusiasm harboured an absence of salvation, it
preached this cloud of blackness. And despite
being defeated, they will return to the social
fictions born of culture's fundamental fraud.

Along with a uniquely shaped delusion, most of us
experience the evaporation of our dreams. Paranoia
is despised and yet it adds spice to any product
of the diseased imagination.

Be fruitful and multiply while you are swimming
the river of madness, but clearly differentiate
between happiness and pleasing politicians.

Just be grateful that you are going insane because
of the Great Australian Dream.