"Time Slices: What Is the Duration of a Percept?"

Wednesday, 13 April 2016 By Persons Unknown

The problem of time has consumed the minds of the greatest philosophers and scientists. What is it? How long is it? Will it ever end?

Now. Some progress has been made…


Like little bunches of clues - coming in at different speeds ~ ms for each of us - then processed at different speeds - then we set our radars on clues from specific sources - based on - previous clues - the world  at large - the media controllers - exigencies of the human condition - yep, So we process shit - is this what they are saying? And how fast  that it is they are not certain? Percept precept?

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 I am making a movie - the viewers percept processing can be challenged to a degree by unusually transitioning visualisations - the more complex visually/auditory/subjectively that one can present something simple has an effect on the viewers percept processing - if the technique used becomes obvious the jig is up - like seeing a magicians nylon strings  flash in the light -  this would suggest that percept processing speeds would differ radically based upon the individuals comprehension or lack thereof of the percept event? Like an infant’s first time at a sports game vs the same individuals 5th time. (Go Saints)

Also not related however the more blend effects I include - the longer the rendering process - the later the reward - the familiarity - the disappointment



 "Time Slices: What Is the Duration of a Percept?"

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