Created: Wednesday, 15 November 2006 Written by Chato
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The coporate octopus of the globalist
axis of evil spreads its tentacles even
further across the nation of the ape.

John Hogturd, genital wart-virus infected proconsul
of the forces of death, and full-time arsewipe,
has been granted increased legal power to destroy
any remaining power of those who only have their
labour to bargain with in the "global marketplace".

Good and honourable judges have agreed that all
national power now belongs to the international
corporate cabal that gives governments their
orders on how to deal with "human resources" and
those "useless mouths" of the poor, elderly and
crippled bludgers.

Oz state governments will now line-up to submit
to the will of the Hogturd parasite regime, and
all should anticipate the slimy touch of the
tentacles of the cold and uncaring, octopus
that now dictates who shall live, and who shall
die, according to its alien whim.