COVID-19 Aged Care Catastrophe

Saturday, 15 August 2020 By Max Gross


The latest startling local coronavirus news should pop the Australian state of News South Wales’ bubble of complacency but I doubt most people here will wake up.

Wearing a mask is just such a hassle and we miss playing the pokies and pub crawling wa-aaay too much.

 “Experts warn the number of new COVID-19 cases in New South Wales is likely to be higher than the reported daily totals as more ‘mystery cases’ are identified”, with one epidemiologist warning that NSW COVID-19 cases are likely to be 10 times higher than official figures claim: 

“So, if they’ve got an average of 20 [cases per day] in the last week, that means that at any one point in time, there’s about 200 other cases out there that we don’t know about. Basically, 10 times the daily count.”

Meanwhile the NSW gunnament remains as wishy washy and vibble vobble in its responses as it was back in February when this shitstorm took off. Just like its federal counterpart, the Sideshow Scott Morrison LNP gunnament.

lnp morrison arms crossed

Cometh the hour, cometh the moron. Aussie PM Morrison.

 It might be a good idea to wear a mask, the NSW premier Gladys Koala Killer mewed, but she is not about to make it mandatory.

Pretty please, wear a mask?

As if reporting a nightmare – and it is, it really fucking well is – The Saturday Paper has revealed that “In a June 10 phone hook-up, senior clinicians, nurses and leaders from the nation’s aged-care providers begged the federal government’s regulator and New South Wales Health’s deputy secretary to listen to them.”

They pleaded that to avoid hundreds, possibly thousands of deaths in aged care facilities, all cases should immediately be transferred into hospitals where appropriate health care could be provided.

But they were ignored. The aged, the infirm and the enfeebled were to be abandoned, left at the mercy of carers with little training and no expertise in confronting the catastrophe unfolding.

Hospital beds were to be reserved for younger, less complex cases.


The powers-that-be chose the path of eugenics.

dutton horror

The bastards KNEW that “…if Covid-19 cases were not immediately removed from nursing homes, the virus would spread through residents like a flame through straw.”

Even Victoria’s premier Daniel Andrews based his government’s policy on denying hospital transfers on the Berejiklian gunnament’s disastrous response in NSW.

And Prime Minister Sideshow Scott “apologises”. Thoughts and prayers and crocodile tears.

Meanwhile, the official inquiry into the Ruby Princess scandal has given the federal gunnament’s Keystone Kops Border Force – and its creepy boss OberstKartoffelpuffer – the all-clear, declaring “The ABF (and, for that matter, the Department of Home Affairs) do not bear any responsibility for the Ruby Princess mishap,” even though no ABF personnel were interviewed because the federal gunnament refused to let them appear before the inquiry!

In the words of Labor Senator Kristina Keneally:  “If the Ruby Princess was ‘directly under the command of the Australian Border Force’, then why didn’t the ABF stop passengers disembarking the Ruby Princess on 19 March? What this proves is that when Scott Morrison said ‘directly under the command of the Australian Border Force’ he lied.”

covid19 rubyprincess contagion


Despite finding “serious errors”, the inquiry essentially just blamed the NSW Health department, but in the same breath gave the state health minister a free pass too. The inquiry made no recommendations. As you were, nothing more to see here!

An utter waste of time and no doubt just another in a long and increasingly depressing parade of LNP gunnament cover-ups that the Merde Orc agitprop mass media machine barely comments on. What the Ruby Princess inquiry and the aged care Royal Commission neglected to mention is that quarantine, national border control and aged care services are ALL federal government responsibilities.

It’s your tree, Sideshow Scott, and you’re sitting in it!

At the end of it, the Ruby Princess cruise ship remains the main source of coronavirus cases throughout Australia. And that fuckhead PM is responsible for that!

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