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XenoxNews exclusive: Is PM Rudd ‘building’ a new relationship with Israel?

Created: Monday, 05 August 2013 Written by EyeOnOz
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How much more of a suckhole can Australia be?



Word has it that PM Rudd is going all out in changing Australia’s relationship with Israel. It seems an order has gone out to the Australian Foreign Service to cosy up even more with their Israeli counterparts…


rudd in singapore


Case in point; why was the Singapore Aussie High Commissioner schmoozing with the Isreali ambassador at a local comedy event? The ever popular representative of Israel (so popular in fact she needs a bodyguard to check her seat in case there is a whoppie cushion on it) was spotted guffawing at the Taliban and Al Qaeda jokes of one of the comedians…


Is this the start of some new Canberra-Tel Aviv axis of evil? After all Israel is an expert when it comes to deporting and mistreating refuges; maybe Kruddy is looking for some pointers? Perhaps he is looking for a Poll boost in the East StKilda electorates?


Whatever the case, it is pretty sickening seeing Aussie ambassadors forced to suck up to the Apartheid State Israel…