Sunday, 18 September 2005 By Chato
The plucky little devil from
down-under puts the world right,
while attending testicle-fondling
seminars in the USA as part
payment for receiving American
citizenship. On leave from applying Howardland
state terror to Oz citizens as
he leads them to their final
uncomprehending destruction,
Judas Homunculus the famous Pied
Suckhole of Oz amazed his foreign
friends with the eloquence of his
Puffed-up by the ease with which
he has conned and swindled his
own public, the droning drongo
from down-under lectured the
foreign people on their failings
and gave his sure-fire remedies
for fixing all the ills of the
world and for making us all safe.

If the Oz public had any brains
or decency they would have
shrivelled with embarrassment, but
most having descended below the
cognitive capacities of dead
slugs and having the emotional
depth of deeply retarded
potatoes, I won't hold my breath

As for the Oz Federal Opposition,
they were too busy with a vicious
sneak attack launched by their
own incompetence to oppose
anything at all.

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