Pauline opts for IVF alternative

Saturday, 23 August 2003 By Pervis
In one of the more 'out there' socio-political justice deals of the year Pauline Hanson has co-opted Judge 'Judy' Ballantine to an in camera agreement of a possible jail transfer deal after being convicted by a Queensland Court of election fraud and dishonestly obtaining $500,000 in electoral reimbursments. The deal will see Ms Hanson transferred from the Brisbane Women's Prison to the Dame Phyllis Frost Centre in Deer Park. Recent figures have shown that the women's prison in Deer Park is enjoing higher success rates than facilities at both 'Melbourne IVF' and 'IVF Queensland'.

Hanson is believed to be feeling extremly positive about staying at the Deer Park centre. "From what I have heard the process in Deer Park is a lot more natural and less 'clinical' than the processes they have in the more traditional centres."

"I have spent a fortune at 'IVF Queensland' and frankly, I am, just fed up with the cold spoon type treatment I have been getting there."

One time big hoper and fanatical Geelong supporter Bob Catter said it was a win/win situation. "It's like, well, if we can get gas and have lunch at the next rest stop, well, you know what I am driving at"

Jeff Kennett who opened the Deer Park centre was unavailable for comment though a spokesman today suggested that he would be right into it.
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