Saturday, 24 November 2007 By Max Gross

Judgement Day? Doomsday? Election Day 2007. Rapture or Rupture? Xenox News lets Max Gross loose to cast a weather-eye and a curse.

With the polls about to close, some pundits claim the countdown to Australia's 2007 election result will turn a year of consistent polling o­n its head with incoming figures revealing the incumbent Joh W. Horror PM closing in o­n newbie wannabe PM Kevin Fudd.

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Will Aussies once again panic like the fear-addled sheep they have been for the past near 12 years of the Lying Rodent's diabolical dictatorship and remain cowering in the federal government's corral?

And I say dictatorship because it is the born-to-rule JWH and his backers above all else in cabinet or among his closest, cowardly ministers, who has called the shots, whether it was lies about Iraqi asylum seekers lobbing their own kids into the sea for sympathy or following the mad George W. Bogus into the Iraqi quagmire against Australia's interests, against international law and against all common sense.

All too bloody possible in this bullshit year-long campaign, despite a Sky News/Channel Seven exit poll predicting a Labor win, showing a two-party preferred outcome of 53 per cent to 47 per cent...

... with the PM losing his own seat!

That would be justice served, belatedly but deservedly.

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And with the third Australian soldier killed in the past two months in the Afghanistan debacle - where new studies show more than half of that impoverished, abused and debased country now firmly in the grip of the supposedly defeated Taliban - Joh Horror's foreign policy meltdown is all but complete. And for fuksake don't mention Pakistan!

And remember, dear Xenox News readers, we are talking about an extremist government that for the past dozen years or so has shamelessly resorted to fearmongering, bribery, slander, and outright lies to shepherd a divided Australian electorate into the the cattle runs leading to every election since 1992.

Oh, and let's not forget criminal activity.

The latest Horror Government scandal involving the husbands of the retiring Liberal MP in Lindsay, Jackie Dumbitch Kelly and her wannabe replacement Karen Desperate Chijoff caught in the dead of night letterboxing fake Islamist pamphlets favouring Labor is just the latest in a near 12 year reign of deceit and racism.

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Twelve years of winding back genuine Australian values, not the bullshit ones expoused by this venal and corrupt legal-and-corporate hacks misleading labeling themselves as so-called liberals.

The proof is in the bloody, divisive pudding: the How-war Government has done its utmost to shut democracy done Downunder.

Let the federal election countdown begin. Let the beer flow like wine. Let Australian justice, honesty and decency be resuscitated. And let the war criminals of the Horror Government be hauled before the ICC!

This was Max Gross for Xenox News, pumped, primed and poised over the TV with a spritzer and a baseball bat.

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