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Friday, 26 September 2008 By Alias Jones
Bush:  "Our Entire Economy is in Danger"...
But wasn't it just a couple of weeks ago that Bush told us that the economy was basically sound?
Sure, it was a bald-faced lie then, and he and most everybody else knew it.  La-la-merry-f'ing-la...
Eh... Oh, well.  McCain actually makes it more interesting... He tells o­ne group in the morning that the economy is sound, then in the afternoon he tells another audience its in great risk, and then in his "clarification" later says something even stupider like "I was trying to explain that the soundness is at risk."   F' me.
$700 billion.
Well....  It will actually be about twice that, or more.  But its too early to be throwing around the big number yet.  As long as Congress passes out blank checks, everything's cool.
If we were watching this go down in a movie, we'd see exactly how it ends already.  How can we so easily spot the crooks in the movies, but don't recognize them in real life.  Maybe we do... Maybe we like the drama or something.
I mean, about 18 months ago I wrote about the financial collapse we're beginning to witness, and all these "Einstein" Wall Street and political goofballs act all suprised when it finally happens and then everything's a big "emergency"-got-to-act-fast-or-oooohhh-terrible-things-happen.  Well, I got news for you...  Terrible things will happen anyway, and this is a course to get another trillion plus out of the U.S. and into hands of foreign owners, so they can buy up more U.S. road and resource assets.  That buying will continue to accelerate as they want to exchange the worthless dollars for hard assets before the dollar finally fades to zero.
I'm nobody, and I figured it out just by doing a little reading.  Dont think anything you see going o­n here is by accident.
And if that doesn't mess up your mind, how about this...  The guy in charge of saving America is Henry Paulson, former Wall Street CEO at Goldman Sachs, and now U.S. Secretary of the Treasury since July 2006.  I'm pretty sure he knows how to spread the $ 1 Trillion plus around.
Paulson's firm, Goldman, sold about $100 billion in mortgage debt packages in 2005 and 2006.  In 2007, Goldman made over $4 billion in profit by shorting the same market.  Many of the buyers face 100% losses.  And I read that Goldman is still planning to payout $7 billion in 2008 bonuses.
I'm guessing it will be after the election that the real shit starts to hit the fan.  Or if they want to cancel the elections and they think they can get away with it, it may hit before.
It wasn't that long ago that Ron Paul told us something big was coming.  With a simple Presidential Proclamation, the Executive Branch can assume complete control of the federal, state and local governments.  We're o­ne Presidential Proclamation away from it.
Sorry its been a while, and sorry that I didn't have something more cheerful for you today.
Just watch as things go down... not like "eyes-spinning-what-does-this-mean-for-me" watching... more like observing... watching the moving parts move, the connections connect, the artful dancing, the brutal assault, the pain of the victims, the sheer power of the force behind it all.  Watch it without judging... you can judge later if you wish.
Just watch the motions of economic terrorism taking place.
These guys are good at this...
Peace.  Love.  Freedom.
~ Alias
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