Thursday, 03 October 2002 By Correspondent
Well, we should all be jumping for joy. Saddam has agreed to let in all them UN weapons inspectors. Just like he should. But was does this prove? Only that the threat of force is the only thing that will make him do what the UN has demanded of him for the last 11 years! If he really cared about his people, and if all the bleeding heart lefties in the west did as well, he would have obeyed these resolutions years ago and any sanctions would have been lifted.

But once again reading of the fine print reveals that he is playing silly buggers again. Unfettered access to weapon inspectors EXCEPT for his palaces. And what are these palaces? Giant warehouses the size of 2 MCGs. An easy place to hide all those little weapons of mass destruction he has been furtively constructing the last decade. As the chief UN inspector Hans Blix said, “I hope the inspections will work”.

Hope? Bullshit. This prick has had more than a decade to get his act right and allow the world to be satisfied that he is not making these weapons of destruction. Forget this latest agreement. It is another scam perpetuated by the butcher of Baghdad. It is imperative that the Iraqi regime be told that there should be unfettered access to all sites of suspected weapons. This is the absolute minimum that can be accepted.

Saddam needs to be brought to heel, not only for our safety but also for the safety and freedom of the Iraqi people. So the latest buckling by the UN should be totally refuted and the US supported in their drive for full and free inspection of Iraqi weapon dumps.

Franz Bleu
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