#AskBoxhead - When You Gonna Help Me Git Elected Prime Minister, Boxboy???

Wednesday, 22 February 2023

Dear Boxboy,

You needa be on 'ol Ricky's team tar git 'lected Prime Misister of Austrelia. Gonna git me some RICARDOVITZ FER PRIME MINISTER T-shirts printed up with a some perty freedom-shelias on thar back:

Rickys Cousins

 We gotta git this here campaign goin!!! How can a feller like you, support me?


Dear Ricky,

You know, the thought of taking High Political office has also often flitted through my mind. I can see myself riding a wave of popular discontent with the way things are. I would select a crack team of XenoxNews contributors as my Cabinet. Max Gross would take Foreign Affairs. Mad Mike the Marketing Guru could run the Treasury. Flimmy would be Finance Minister. And of course I would have that pervert Herr Fucknuckle as my Health Minister.

And on top of it all would be me. PM Boxhead. I am sure I would be elected in a landslide, and all Australia would then be gladly under my command. I have some plans you know Ricky, big plans...

boxhead on the balcony 1

After his election, New PM Boxhead addresses the thronging crowds outside of Parliament.

So forget about your half arsed idea Ricky and get on board the 'Boxy for Canberra' Bandwagon. We will steamroll all opposition. I will have the minions of that geriatric fuckwit Murdoch eating out of my hand.

A new dawn and a new future will be there for all Australians once I am PM...

But then I wake up, and realise that it would be better for me to just remain plain old Boxy. And that there would be no way in hell I'd vote for a fuckwit like you Ricky.


Yours electorally,


standing boxy



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