Will Prince Willies randy ways lead to the end of the Royal Family...

Monday, 11 March 2024 By Roving Royal Reporter

...and with that, the end of England?

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Can it only be 14 years ago we were all celebrating the betrothal of the World's Most Eligible Bachelor?


Another PR disaster has hit the English Royal Family. Photoshop shenanigans indicate that Prince Willy has been dipping his willie outside the designated pussy, and Princess Kate has had enough and run off with the kids. What is it with the men in this family?  This propensity to look at the other inbred royals around them and want to fuck them instead of their Missus. At least in Phil the Greek's day the press had the dignity to keep it all quiet, but with the Social Media empires running the media now it is only a matter of time before the whole filthy mess will be exposed!


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 Has Facebook again caused the collapse of another Western Democracy?

Well it can't be let to happen at this time. The West is on the precipice of collapse.The Russkis are winning. The Chinks are taking over the world. And the Yanks are about to elect that idiot President again. Bold action action must be taken now. Will and Kate must stayed married for the sake of England; for if the Royal Family falls so will the Nation!

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The English Press and the English Establishment. They saved us all from this monster, but can they save the English Royal Family?

The MI5 and MI6 have to get on the job now. The Press Barons need to be told in no uncertain terms that at this time 'no royal news' is 'good news'. Blackmail the bastards if needs be. Buy some time so that the Palace can get these two miscreants together, crack their heads, and tell them that they have to stay together for the good of the Nation and Empire!

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And if that doesn't work dig Queen Liz up and put her back on the Throne. For even if she is a bag of bones now, she would do a better job then the fuckwit children and grand children she has left behind!




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